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Healthcare and institutional

Health care and institutional kitchens prepare and compile meals for vulnerable target groups, such as patients and the elderly. As a rule, these have a reduced resistance, so compliance with hygiene rules and with requirements such as temperature checks on products is all the more important. It is therefore important that food safety is fully under control. The NVWA checks the safety of foodstuffs in this sector more and more frequently.

Food safety team

The implementation of the required food safety requirements takes place based on the hygiene code for food care in care institutions. A quality system is set up together with the institution’s food safety team. This team usually consists of nutrition assistants from the departments, the self-employed chefs from the central kitchen or the hostesses from the restaurant.

Often there is a shortage of good quality managers within such a team. That is why we are pleased to offer you our specialised knowledge to help you translate the theory into the right practical application. Creating support to ensure that everyone feels responsible for quality and food safety as part of his/her daily work, is one of the tasks we take care of. In this way, we help you to ensure food safety within your institution, both in the long term and in the short term.


The hygiene code states that an audit must be carried out on the application of hygiene and HACCP in the kitchen and in the care departments. For this, we have a fully automated checklist, on the hand of which a check is carried out in the central kitchen and per care department, which is then delivered digitally. The result is a clear overview per department, including points for improvement.

By carrying out audits, we help you get your quality control up and running, so that you are prepared for inspections and meet the requirements of the NVWA. Companies can then voluntarily participate in the self-monitoring system, which checks the operation and reliability of quality control.


More and more institutions outsource the production of meals. Because institutions themselves are responsible for what they buy, the institution code advises performing HACCP and hygiene audits at suppliers. We are fully equipped and ensure that you gain insight into the process control and possible risks of your supplier.

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