Our online QA Software can be arranged in such a way that it is applicable in almost every sector in the industry. The Non-food FMCG research can also be carried out in many different sectors. With our knowledge, we are happy to make a trip to another sector to help you on your way.

Different sectors

In recent years, we have gained various experiences in non-food sectors. For example, we work in the feed, chemicals, pharmacy and packaging industry as well as in import/export. Our expertise can also be applied in these areas. Certainly our software can be implemented in many different sectors.


Thanks to the QA Software, you will always have a clear and good overview of what happens in your quality department. Often, there are various agreements between a quality department within the food industry and a quality department within another industry. Work processes, for example, generally look the same and there are other requirements within a different industry that have to be met. These agreements form the basis for us to start our work.


The ‘tasting house’ of Normec Foodcare can, in addition to products from the food industry, also test products from the Non-food FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. For example, various types of cleaning products, hygiene products and animal related articles have already been tested by our test centre. Often these are in-house studies. In this way, the consumer can best experience what a product is like, and in this way, you get a clear picture of your product.

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