Product comparisons

aardbeien grootte controleren

Product comparisons

Is one tomato variety sweeter than another? How does an A-brand compare to a private label product? Is my product better than that of my competitor? Does a small change in the specification have an observable effect on the quality? Consumers partly base their supermarket purchase on the quality of the product. As such, it is important that you know how the quality of one product compares to that of another.

Product comparisons in short

  • Collecting product from producer, distribution centre, or supermarket
  • Quality measurements “through the eyes of the consumer”
  • Clear report in which differences immediately become clear
    Product ophalen bij producent, distributiecentrum of supermarkt

Measuring through the eyes of the consumer

We measure quality “through the eyes of the consumer”. In our programmes, we measure the aspects that really make a difference for consumers, such as sugar content, texture, dry matter content, viscosity and water activity. In addition, we measure a series of product-specific aspects.

A selection of our measurements

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Sugar content (Brix)Sizing
Acid (titratable)Colour
Acidity (pH)Damage and marks
Dry matterSpoilage
Texture (pressure)Freshness score
Water activity (Aw)Appearance score
Juice percentage
Flavour score

Improve the quality of your products

Our specialists will gladly help you monitor and improve the quality of your products. That way, you are guaranteed to offer a constant level of quality. Feel free to contact us to find out what we can do for you.