QA outsourcing

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QA outsourcing

Good Food Quality Assurance is very important for the organisation. Increasingly higher demands are made for a reason. Among other things, through legislation, standards and certifications. Do you need a sparring partner or advice? Our advisors are happy to help improve your quality systems.

Quality Assurance – a summary

  • We are your sparring partner in the Food Quality Assurance department
  • Save time by utilising our QA advisors
  • This way you can be sure that you comply with all current laws and regulations

The QA department is an important linchpin in every food business. The department ensures that all aspects contained in legislation, standards and certification requirements are translated to the various departments and are included in the quality system. Training employees on the work floor is also part of this. That way you create understanding and involvement. They also carry out a verification every year. This is to measure whether work is still carried out according to the quality requirements and whether food safety is being met. During the verification they look at, among other things, changes in the company, the trends of complaints, pests, analyses, blockages, CCP/CP registrations and the points for improvement from the internal/external audits. From this, a management review and new goals are drawn up by the management. This way, the manager of the QA department knows exactly what the vision is within the organisation and can make timely adjustments, if necessary of course.

Our specialists will help you with all quality assurance activities

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Sparring partner

We understand that as a QA department you have a responsible task. And also that it takes time to have all this in order. To save you some of this time, and so that your QA employees can focus on their own work, engaging our advisors is a great solution. They help and think along with various types of work. Think of, for instance, of:

  • Searching for an appropriate (GFSI) standard
  • Implementing and certifying the quality system based on standards such as IFS Food, FSSC 22000 and BRC 8
  • Drawing up a quality handbook and a step-by-step plan that suits your company
  • Drafting procedures, work instructions and forms
  • Drafting verification report and management review
  • Providing training
  • Continuous improvement and updating of the system and quality handbook
  • Performing internal audits or baseline measurements

Reliable help with outsourcing Quality Assurance activities

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