Quality monitoring in the supermarket


Quality in the Supermarket

The best place to assess what the consumer truly experiences when they shop for food, is the supermarket shelf. That is why we measure the quality of supermarket products for you, in the exact same way a consumer would experience them when buying them.

Quality in the Supermarket in short

  • Buying products in the supermarket
  • Quality measurements “through the eyes of the consumer”
  • A clear report each week: get started right away

The quality of Fresh Produce fluctuates throughout the year. It is largely determined by seasonal influences and choices made during production, in the supply chain and on the shop floor. Think, for example, of the sugar content and firmness of strawberries in the winter, or the impact of a week with tropical temperatures on the quality of the fruit and vegetables in the summer. To ensure that the quality is always constant, we measure it in the supermarket for you.

To measure is to know

Optimising the flavour and shelf life of fresh products is a never-ending challenge, which is why we monitor quality on a weekly basis. Each week, we buy products in supermarkets and analyse them in our lab.

The reports are short and to the point, and immediately implementable. Supermarket chains and their suppliers use these reports to continuously analyse the quality of their products and to implement improvements in the supply chain.

We help you analyze what the consumer experiences

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Measuring through the eyes of the consumer

We measure quality “through the eyes of the consumer”. In our programmes, we measure the aspects that really make a difference for consumers, such as sugar content, texture, dry matter content, viscosity and water activity.

In addition, we measure a series of product-specific aspects. For strawberries, we measure defects; for tomatoes, the colour; and for ready-to-cook vegetables, the recipe. Each measurement is combined with a flavour assessment. This process creates a 360-degree picture of the product: a combination of concrete measurements and flavour and appearance assessments.

A selection of our measurements

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Sugar content (Brix)Sizing
Acid (titratable)Colour
Acidity (pH)Damage and marks
Dry matterDefects
Texture (pressure)Freshness score
Water activity (Aw)Appearance score
Juice percentage
Flavour score

Normec Foodcare is your partner in Fresh Produce

We help you to ensure that the quality of your fruit and vegetables is of the right level. With our knowledge and over 25 years of experience, you are guaranteed the best sparring partner. We have in-house inspectors, measure the quality of Fresh Produce in supermarkets, offer quality training and perform Fresh Produce shelf life tests. Check out the complete overview of Fresh Produce services we offer here.

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