Labelling Specialists

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Labelling Specialists

Do your labels comply with current laws and regulations? How do you prepare a final product specification? These are often-asked questions that play a role in specification management and labelling. Do you have insufficient time and knowledge in-house to carry out all work related to specification management and labelling? Or are you short on time and/or knowledge? We are happy to help you by taking all the work off your hands. Our labelling specialists are at your service.

Labelling specialist – a summary

  • Our experts assess your labels based on the legislation in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011
  • This way you can be sure that you are providing the correct food information to consumers
  • Secondment to increase your capacity is also possible

The need for correct and clear labels has grown considerably in recent years. The consumer is becoming increasingly discerning and wants to be well informed in order to make well-considered choices. With the correct information on the label you increase consumer confidence in your product. However, the labelling of food and non-food products has become a complex matter due to the amount of legislation. Our labelling specialists are happy to support you in this.

Increase your capacity with a Labelling Specialist

Would you like to have expertise in-house, but do you currently have too little capacity? Part-time secondment allows you to engage an interim professional of higher or academic level through us. Part-time secondment means that you purchase the work, knowledge and skills of an employee for a certain number of hours per period. This allows you to (temporarily) increase capacity, while you can save on having a full-time employee. We can also help you with International label checks.

Support from labelling specialists

Our labelling specialists are aware of the latest legislation and have experience in a variety of industries. Our specialist can perform various activities for you both on location and remotely with regard to labelling, legislation and specification management, such as:

  • Checking labels for applicable legislation
  • Drafting of end product specifications and labels
  • Dealing with legislative issues
  • Maintaining and managing specifications and recipes
  • Completing customer-specific specification systems such as SIM, Trace One, GS1 and PS in Foodservice
  • Completing questionnaires for business-to-business customers

Reliable advice or sparring partner in labelling matters

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