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A complete and reliable picture of your product opportunities in a short time. That can help you on your way. Our IntroScan is a complete taste test, extensive label check and microbiological analysis in one study.

Introscan – a summary

  • Find out quickly what the opportunities of your product are
  • You will receive a complete and clear report
  • Due to the fast turnaround time you can continue in no time

The main benefits

  • A complete product test including reporting
  • The option to perform microbiological and chemical analyses
  • An extensive label check including areas for improvement
  • Fast turnaround time

How does it work?

We start by testing the taste. We have this done by a reliable and representative target group. At the same time, other colleagues start working on the label. Does the label comply with the legislation? In our microbiological laboratory, we set to work to analyse the nutritional value. Various microbiological and chemical analyses are possible.

All this comes together in one report. Think of it like this: the best of three worlds in one complete and clear report. Another advantage is that you can also use IntroScan as a marketability report.

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