Formula control

voedselveiligheid controleren

Formula control

The franchise formula to which you are affiliated sets certain requirements for your shop. Do you actually meet those? We are happy to answer this question. Our inspections will give you the well-deserved proof of your hard work or a nudge in the right direction.

Formula control – a summary

  • Inspections and audits of your company, carried out by our experienced professionals
  • Including a short and concise report with points for improvement
  • For site-level or formula-level inspections

Maintaining a formula and monitoring its uniformity is difficult. That’s why we are happy to help you with that. We map the control of a formula with the help of a number of established measuring points. This way you know which way to direct your own employees or franchisees. Because you want everyone to work in the same way, don’t you? Together we can take care of this.

A look behind the scenes

Our inspectors regularly look behind the scenes of small and large companies. They will also bring their backpack full of knowledge and experience to your organisation. After their inspection, they can tell you whether you meet the established measuring points or what you still need to tackle. We therefore conduct these inspections to help you and your colleagues to do better every day.