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Would you like to know about personal hygiene, working methods, pest control, cleaning or design and furnishing of a business space within your organisation? Our inspectors know exactly what to look out for. After their inspection or audit, they can tell you whether you meet the standard or what you still need to do to meet all requirements. No mysterious scenes, but a short and concise report that you can get started with immediately.

Inspections – a summary

  • Inspections and audits of your company, carried out by our experienced professionals
  • Elaborated in a clear and complete checklist
  • Direct insight into whether you meet all requirements and if not, what you need to improve
  • Inspections according to the Good and Green method, approved by the NVWA

Our inspectors work according to the Good and Green inspection method, which naturally complies with all legal standards and requirements and is approved by the NVWA. We developed this method ourselves and elaborated it into a clear and complete checklist. In this way, not only we, but also our customers and clients can see the forest for the trees again.

The 11 domains of Good and Green

Good and Green is divided into 11 domains. The first four are about basic conditions for safe and hygienic work: employees wash their hands, the cooling is clean and works well, and so on. For the rest, we look at the work processes. Because suppose you have good refrigeration (basic condition), but you first leave the delivered goods in the sun for three hours (work process). Then things go wrong anyway.

Need help with this? Our experienced inspectors ensure the correct execution of the inspections. If you would like more information about inspections, we would be happy to discuss the options without obligation.

Reliable help in carrying out hygiene inspections

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