Fresh produce inspectors

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Secondment of fresh fruit and vegetable inspectors

It is important to have well-trained inspectors who are capable of assessing the quality of potatoes, fruit and vegetables. But what if you are temporarily short of inspectors due to holidays, illness, vacancy or if more inspection capacity is needed during peak periods? Normec Foodcare has inspectors with years of expertise and experience in fresh produce. Deploying an interim inspector therefore offers a solution for managing capacity and seasonal changes.

Secondment of fresh fruit and vegetable inspectors in summary

  • Rely on inspectors who have many years of experience
  • The assurance of a certified quality controller in ad hoc situations
  • Guaranteed continuity thanks to a replacement in case of absence as well as flexible (seasonal) deployability

The Normec Foodcare Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Inspectors

Our inspectors are independent, motivated, have excellent communication skills and are certified fruit and vegetable inspectors. We have a team of inspectors who have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in inspecting Dutch products and imported products. As a result, we are flexible and are able to respond to immediate requests, irrespective of the type of products that need to be checked. Our inspectors work as a full member of the team during the secondment period and are experienced in working with a wide range of registration systems.

Deployment across the entire chain

When it concerns quality, it is important to look at everything across the whole chain: from growing crops to the trade (import, export, wholesale) and retail. Whether it concerns temporary capacity in the short or long term, on-the-job training or support in drawing up customer specifications, our fresh fruit and vegetable inspectors can be deployed in all sorts of ways and across the entire chain:

  • Growers
  • Auctions
  • Trading companies
  • Supplier locations
  • Distribution centres
  • Retail locations


Reliable assistance with the secondment of fresh produce inspectors

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