Retail and Wholesale

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Retail and Wholesale

As soon as the consumer enters the aisles of the retailer or wholesaler, he expects the shelves to be filled with products whose quality and food safety are guaranteed. Sick consumers, recalls, claims for damages, are things you don’t want to get involved in as a retailer or wholesaler. Whether you work according to your own quality system or a hygiene code such as the CBL Hygiene Code, sharp attention to food safety and quality is of great importance, every moment of the day.

Chain control

In this transparent society, the media plays a major role in spreading information about the risks of food. Producing companies are responsible for the certification of their products, but the retailer and wholesaler decide for themselves which products to put on the shelves. If companies make mistakes in the quality or safety of their products, this can cause serious damage to the image of the retailer or wholesaler. It is therefore very important to have control of the entire chain.

No grey areas

As a retailer or wholesaler you supply a wide range of food products that are supplied by a large number of producers. To avoid risks, you must be fully aware of the performance of your suppliers and your branches. However, this is easier said than done: chain (control) is complex.

Thanks to our many years of experience at production companies, we are able to pinpoint any risks at your supplier. We assess suppliers in areas such as traceability, labeling, microbiology and the process control of food safety. In addition, we offer an automated solution for product specifications and the monitoring of hygiene and HACCP within your own organisation. We can also carry out audits to check whether your company meets the requirements of the NVWA.

Inspection NVWA

The NVWA conducts regular inspections at supermarkets, specialty stores and wholesalers. Among other things, hygiene, pest control, temperature control and registrations are assessed. If you achieve a poor result on a number of occasions and you receive a fine several times, you will be subject to stricter supervision. Inspection results are communicated by the NVWA, and bad results can damage the image of your company. By regularly carrying out inspections within your shop(s), you can take timely improvement measures where necessary. In this way you will continue to deliver a constant quality to the customers and you will not be caught out by external inspections. You can run inspection rounds based on the requirements of the hygiene code or based on your own quality manual.

Food fraud and food defence

The media reports cases of food fraud and deliberate contamination almost daily. Retailers and wholesalers are also confronted with this. For companies, this can result in image damage that cannot be underestimated. We are happy to help you monitor the product integrity and draw up a possible vulnerability analysis. We also give advice on how to act in case of actual fraud.

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