Import, Trade and Logistics


Import, Trade and Logistics

There are many actions, rules, laws and requirements when importing and dealing with food. When importing from third countries in particular, there are many requirements and checks. Normec Foodcare has the knowledge to help you in your handling of the import and transport of food.

The NVWA has many requirements regarding the import and transport of food. For example, frozen products must be transported at the right temperature. Also during the order picking and preparation of products it is important that the products remain below the correct temperature. Our quality managers are happy to help you ensure that the import is successful and assist you when making important choices.

Product-specific information

Customers are becoming more and more aware of product-specific information. In addition to the requirements of the NVWA, a customer increasingly wants to have this information made clear. As an importer or supplier of an imported product, the information about the product must be accurate and detailed.

Product specification at import

You must have specifications and any certificates for each raw material group you transport. The correct product specification is important for import, because buyers can have audits carried out. These can take place at the supplier to check whether the risks are managed in a proper manner. Positive outcomes of supplier assessments ensure customer confidence and can reduce the number of checks over time.

At home in the sector

Normec Foodcare works with various trade and logistics companies that trade and transport a wide range of food products. In addition, we have knowledge about specific certifications used in the transport world, for example IFS Logistics and the BRC Storage & Distribution standard.


We offer the possibility to have supplier audits carried out. The supplier is then tested on the requirements that a company or customer must meet. This way it can be seen whether every link in the food safety chain is in order.

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