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Not only does the product itself determine food safety, it can also be affected by its packaging. Because packaging can contaminate foodstuffs and consumers cannot identify the presence of harmful substances themselves, much attention is paid to the safety of packaging materials. In the past, a number of substances have led to incidents and recalls. In order to limit the risks caused by packaging and any possible incidents, we help packaging companies to draw up and improve food safety systems.

Strict requirements

Food manufacturers require that the supplied packaging material always meets the requirements that have been set for it. Packaging and consumer items must also be traceable in order to simplify the recall of defective products, consumer information and the determination of liability.

Process control systems

Our many years of experience in the food industry have ensured that we know the legal requirements and standards like no other. Our quality managers set up food safety systems for packaging companies that comply with all applicable regulations. You can also arrange certification for this. The standard BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials (BRC-IoP) in particular applies to this. This standard has been specially introduced for producers of packaging material for foodstuffs.

Plastic food packaging must also comply with certain basic guidelines laid down in Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011. Our laboratory can carry out migration tests to see whether any substances are transferred from the packaging to the food.

Poor packaging can also be detrimental to the consumer’s experience. The packaging is the first thing a consumer sees when he comes into contact with your product. It is therefore important that you ensure that the packaging matches the expectations of the consumer. To be able to meet these expectations, you can have a packaging study done by Normec Foodcare. Your packaging will then be thoroughly scrutinised and presented to potential customers. Based on this, a thorough analysis is made, and you will know where you stand with your packaging.

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