Training opportunities

In-company Training

Do you find it more pleasant to train employees in-company? We can provide all our training courses for you as in-company training at your location. First an intake interview takes place on location, in which we discuss your training needs and the content of the training. We also think about the learning objectives and results you want to achieve. Our trainers like to think along with you and together with you they come to a suitable solution.

  • We are committed to a flexible, practical and personal approach
  • Our trainers have all the knowledge to train your employees properly

All training that we offer can be provided on location. This means that employees do not have to go to another location and you can determine the date yourself.

Training completely according to your wishes

We provide in-company training completely geared to your training needs. The subject and purpose of the training will be discussed with you in detail. We work with examples from practice and tailor the training to your company with company-specific situations and photos. Our trainers provide the training at a location, date and time determined by you. There are also opportunities for training in the evenings or weekends. It is even possible to organise a training course several times, if a large group of employees has to be trained.

Customised Training

We can process every type of in-company training as customised training. We then focus the training on the specific company situation and daily practice of your employees. This makes it possible to process multiple topics in one company-specific training plan or programme. We are happy to discuss your wishes and possibilities with you. By listening to your wishes, we solve the learning question as efficiently as possible. With customised training you are assured of a training that optimally matches your wishes and needs.

  • We are committed to a flexible, practical and personal approach.
  • Our trainers have all the knowledge to train your employees to a good standard.


One of our trainers will come to your location during an intake interview to take stock of the training needs. We discuss the purpose and content of the training. Then we draw up tailor-made training with examples from practice. It depends on your wish whether we discuss several subjects in one training course, or focus on one subject. Our trainer provides the training at a location, date and time of your choice. This is possibly possible in the evenings or on weekends.

Blended Learning

Normec Foodcare chooses to transfer knowledge in different ways. Research shows that the talent of course participants is more effectively developed when blended learning is applied.

  • We are committed to a qualitative, flexible and practical approach.
  • Our trainers have a great deal of knowledge and can transfer knowledge in many different ways.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a combination of E-learning and classroom training. The prior knowledge is tested digitally, and new concepts are already being introduced. Then one of our trainers conducts classroom training with several students. Here, specific learning questions are discussed. Ultimately, the acquired knowledge is applied by carrying out company-specific and practice-oriented exercises in the workplace.

All training courses based on BRC, IFS and FSSC can be offered as blended learning. There are many different possibilities. It is also possible to develop blended learning based on your needs and to tune in to your company.

Successful method

Blended learning appears to be a very effective way of learning. The combination of getting started online and physical lessons ensure that the material is absorbed quickly and is absorbed well. Research shows that an interactive way of learning leads to higher performance. Students can start E-learning at their own pace. The advantage is that they can divide their time themselves and get started when it suits them.