Suppliers Module

Identifying the food safety risks of purchasing processes is an important part of a food safety system. With the Suppliers module, you make these procurement processes transparent and you manage the risks, so that you comply with the laws and regulations, hygiene codes and the GFSI standards such as BRC 7, IFS and FSSC 22000. These may be risks in the area of ​​food safety and quality, but also risks related to sustainability and the environment.

  • Provide insight into purchasing processes and manage your suppliers’ risks.
  • By digitising your supplier system, you always have real-time insight into the statuses of your suppliers.

Risk groups

You personally determine which control measures apply for a specific supplier or group of suppliers. Based on a risk assessment per product group, you can set the conditions for approval per supplier. With the help of our portal, you invite suppliers to enter the data that is relevant to them in their own online environment. This could be, for example, copies of certificates, chain information, questionnaires or product specifications.

Complete supplier control

All components that belong to supplier control can be executed with the online module. That way, your suppliers can quickly update data by means of automatic email notifications. You can easily set up questionnaires with the online management tool. With this you can, for example, design a specific questionnaire per risk group and language. Chain information can be easily retrieved, so that you can quickly understand the entire chain in the event of an incident or recall.

After the requested control measures have been introduced by the supplier, you assess whether the desired information has been obtained and whether the supplier has been approved. With the traffic light system the supplier has direct insight into the approved and rejected items. In addition, communication with each supplier can take place via the timeline function, in which chat messages are maintained per supplier. With real-time statistics, your management and verification reports are also complete at lightning speed.

Direct insight into supplier status

The supplier overview shows at a glance what the status is for each supplier. For example, you quickly filter on ‘rejected suppliers’. It is also easy to see which information is about to expire or is not sufficient to guarantee a certain risk. This keeps the supplier information always up to date and prevents products from being purchased from unapproved suppliers. Do you want to show the status per supplier in your purchasing software, such as the ERP system? We offer various linking options, so that double entry of data is not necessary.

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