Specifications Module

Drafting and maintaining specifications is a complex and time-consuming task. The Specifications module allows you to create and manage product specifications online. Imported raw material and recipe data are automatically converted to final product specifications. Adaptations to raw materials or formulations can be implemented directly in all associated final product specifications. This ensures a considerable time saving in the specification management.

  • Automatically generate final specifications and ingredient declarations and save up to 35% in transactions.
  • With our experience, we know which module best suits your needs.

Food safety assurance

Through the easy online QA application, you can manage all recipes. Based on data from raw material specifications, fill in the database and create recipes for semi-finished and finished products. From recipes you can directly download internal specifications, so that you, as a product developer, have an immediate insight into the ingredient list, cost prices, nutritional values ​​and allergens present. These internal specifications can also serve as information sheets for a production department. You can automatically convert recipes to a final product specification that includes all elements to be able to comply with current legislation and regulations. You can put together end product specifications yourself in your unique house style or the house style of your customers.


Our software offers the possibility to realise links with different systems, such as PS in foodservice, GS1, Reflex, Espera and Bartender. This prevents you from having to enter data twice.

Allergens and nutritional value

Allergens and nutritional values ​​are a very important part of all specifications. Based on the imported raw materials and recipes, nutritional values ​​of finished products are calculated automatically. With the allergen matrix you always have an up-to-date overview of the allergens present in the final product. This way you always have the most recent information, which you can present directly to your customers. The time-consuming process of compiling, updating and sharing specifications can thus be realised a lot faster and more efficiently with the specification module.

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