Risk analysis and management plan

The basis of a legionella prevention and management starts with a risk analysis and management plan (RABP), as set out in the Flemish Legionella Decree of 4 May 2007. It is mandatory for specific installations to have an RABP, such as wet cooling towers. This plan specifies which Legionella risks your drinking water installation is exposed to and which measures you must carry out in accordance with regulations in order to minimise the risks. You have come to the right place when it comes to drawing up and implementing a plan like this..

If your installation is located in the Brussels capital or the Wallonia region, then Legionella-specific legislation is only applicable to cooling towers and swimming pools.
For other establishments (industrial companies, amongst others) no specific Legionella legislation is applicable but regulation is based on the Federal Decree of 4 August 1996: the Belgian Welfare Act. Within this Decree, Legionella is classified as a Group 2 biological agent, from which employees must be protected against where appropriate.
You are also at the right address with Normec Foodcare when it comes to carrying out a risk analysis and a made-to-measure management plan for these premises.

Risk analysis and management plan in short

  • Legionella prevention
  • RABP
  • Digital management

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Digital management

You can register with Building Online, a digital system for storing logbooks and other relevant information.

Following an inspection, how do you safeguard that your installation continues to comply with set standards?

In order to keep your installation in good working order, you must periodically undertake a number of actions in line with the current Best Available Techniques (BATs). These range from maintenance of water softeners to inspecting the check valves. Optionally, you may choose to have water samples taken twice a year so as to safeguard water quality. These water samples are mandatory under the Legionella Decree. The stipulated number and frequency may vary depending on the risk factors.

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