Central Action List

In the quality department, actions come from all sorts of different perspectives. As a quality department, the trick is to collect all actions clearly and to explain them to the right people within the organisation and then also to check in time whether the actions have been carried out properly or have been completed. The central action list helps you to maintain an overview and to make timely adjustments where necessary.

One complete action list

Do you work with the Inspections and/or Registrations modules? Then the actions resulting from inspections and registrations carried out are automatically taken over in the central action list. But even if you do not work with these modules, you can benefit greatly from the use of the central action list. This way you can create and categorise individual actions yourself. In addition, actions resulting from memos are automatically included in the central action list. So you never have to deal with individual actions that ‘float around’ in various documents and lists.

Shared responsibility

As a quality department, you have to explain the various actions to the right people within the organisation. With the central action list you can send actions online to the right people. You simply inform your colleagues about actions to be carried out via automatic mail notifications. Via the central action list, you can keep track of the current, expired, approved and completed actions. In this way you ensure a shared responsibility with regard to quality assurance within your organisation and you retain the overview in the quality department.

Work in accordance with BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000 requirements

When dealing with the digital actions, you can of course work entirely according to the requirements set in, for example, the BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000 standards. For example, the cause analysis and corrective measures can be implemented per action. You also have additional options such as assigning predefined causes (e.g. Human, Material, Machine and Method). You can include all the proof of handling per action in the timeline and an action is only really completed if it has been fully approved by the specified verifier.

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