Baseline measurement for specification management

Of course you must comply with the specifications prescribed by law. But does your system also meet the requirements of the GFSI standards regarding labelling and specification management? We are happy to answer this question by performing a baseline measurement for your specification management.

How does the information provision within your company proceed? Are the specifications of the raw materials and the recipe converted into the correct text on the labels? Are changes made correctly to all documents? We will find out together with you during the baseline measurement for specification management.

Insight into specification management

Your labels must at least comply with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, but are they also based on the correct data? Does the information flow work as it should? Does the information cover many different segments? Is it clear to everyone what information is necessary for drawing up a specification? We give you direct insight into this through a quick sample (the baseline measurement for specification management). This way you know the status of the specification management. We then work with you to determine which steps you need to take to optimise specification management.

Baseline measurement for specification management – a summary

  • We check whether your labels meet all the requirements
  • We also take a close look at the information flow within your company
  • With this quick sample you will immediately gain insight into the current status

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