Meat and poultry

Meat and poultry are subject to great risks. In addition to the risk of contamination, there is the danger of environmental pollutants that can enter the meat or poultry via the animals’ feed. In addition, meat and poultry are perishable products. The many risks entail extensive legislation and regulations in the meat processing and poultry industry.

Chain control

Because of the long food chains, things can go wrong at various stages. There has resulted in various food scares, such as the horse meat affair. The consequence of the prevailing suspicion is that the government has deployed the Food Confidence Taskforce to restore consumer confidence in meat, among other things. We will be happy to assist you in implementing the right chain and supplier controls that are essential for the food safety of your product.

Specific knowledge

In order to guarantee food safety, it is important to identify the risks that exist within your company, which we do based on a risk analysis. The implementation and enforcement of food safety systems such as HACCP, BRC, FSSC 22000 and IFS require specific knowledge that our experienced quality managers have. By applying this, you control as much as possible contamination of, for example, E. coli bacteria which can induce sickness.

Animal welfare is also a subject that we get involved with. A growing number of companies in the meat industry is striving for one or more stars of the ‘Better Living’ standard issued by Animal Protection. The quality requirements set for the welfare of animals are controlled by an independent body. By means of tailored guidance, we ensure that your food safety system meets the requirements that apply.

Extensive network

Due to our large number of contacts in the poultry and meat industry, with major trade organisations and the largest international customers, we are familiar with the applicable national and European legislation. This means that you will never be surprised by auditing and certifying bodies during audits.


We offer special training courses for poultry and meat companies. An example of this is our special training for animal welfare for slaughterhouses. This Animal Welfare training can also contribute to your policy in the area of ​​sustainability. This training is Cedeo-recognised and is given by our Animal Welfare Officer who has been specially trained abroad for this purpose.

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