Quality Inspection of fruit and vegetables

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Quality Inspection of fruit and vegetables

No matter if whether it concerns container inspections, product inspection for retailers and suppliers, stock checks or inspections before loading: our fresh fruit and vegetable inspectors carry out independent quality controls in the fruit and vegetable branch. The quality of the product is assessed according to European standards and additional customer specifications.

Fruit and vegetable testing at Normec Foodcare

  • Inspections and advice across the whole chain
  • Assessment according to European standards
  • Product testing is carried out by certified inspectors
  • Experience both at home and abroad
  • Real-time processing of all information in clear reports

Quality inspection of your fresh produce

We monitor the quality of your fresh produce. We do this independently for importers, exporters and forwarders alike. We also carry out quality controls on behalf of retailers and suppliers. That way, a difference can be made throughout the chain. Our knowledge of fruit and vegetables is of a high level, and we are specialised in exotic and overseas fruit. This involves inspecting fresh produce and evaluating the quality together with you. We also provide you with relevant follow-up advice.

Certified fresh fruit and vegetable inspectors

Quality inspections are carried out by our certified fresh fruit and vegetable inspectors. Thanks to our flexible way of working, our inspectors are always at the right place at the right time for an inspection. This entails comparing the quality of the product with the quality of large quantities of fruit and vegetables that we inspect around the world. This enables us to assign an independent and market-rate score to the respective party.

With the right instruments and the expertise of the inspector, product temperature, firmness, sugar content, weight, size, internal and external quality, and the condition of the pallets, boxes and labels, among others, are all assessed. We give advice on the expected shelf life and development of the products.

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Clear reports

We process all collected data into a clear report, which we will also explain to you verbally. That way, all our actions are transparent and explainable to you.

Further investigation

If required, we can organise residue analyses and microbiological testing. Checking container settings, taking gas measurements and taking readings from temperature recorders can also be handled by our inspectors.


At Normec Foodcare, we look at the big picture. We are committed to long-lasting contact with our customers and open communication so we can put your needs first. Together we can come up with the most appropriate kind of support for your business. Our broad experience allowes us to provide additional advice in addition to carrying out product testing. Such as for:

  • Advice on repacking
  • Storage advice
  • Advice on storage conditions
  • Ripening advice
  • Advice for growers

If needed, we can join you to look at the entire process from growth to consumption. We make use of our many years of experience and knowledge of the market as well as the process to offer advice that leads to a qualitatively better product. For instance, our specialists regularly visit growers around the world for this reason. All advice is discussed with you and compiled into a detailed report tailored to your business.

Second opinion

Do you have any doubts about the result of a quality control that was carried out? You can also turn to us for a second opinion. If required, we will liaise with the initial inspection authority or the importing or exporting party. In this respect, we act as a mediator between the parties involved. We are not satisfied until all those involved agree on the ultimate resolution.

Reliable help with Quality Inspection of fruit and vegetables

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