Store inspections


Store inspections

For a number of product groups sold in supermarkets, store management has a major impact on the quality of the product being sold. For fresh products, such as Fresh Produce, meat and dairy in particular, store management plays an important role in the product quality that the consumer experiences. To assess this, we visit supermarket branches and evaluate on-site how well the store follows quality instructions.

Store inspections in short

  • Store visits by quality experts
  • Quality assessment through detailed checklist
  • Clear report by branch, to share with staff

During this evaluation, we assess a wide range of products and quality aspects, such as temperature, freshness and presentation. We take photos of the most important aspects that do not comply with the quality policy.

For each branch, we compile a report with scores and areas of concern. These reports can be discussed with supermarket managers and staff immediately. The photos help to illustrate the areas of concern.

We help you assess product quality in the store

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Optimising product quality in the store

Being disciplined with making “code rounds” and writing off products can have a major impact on product quality. Regularly checking that products with the shortest shelf life are sold first (according to the “first in, first out” principle) helps to optimise product quality and minimise waste. Cooling units must have their temperatures checked regularly.

When it comes to Fresh Produce, product-specific instructions for store employees play an important role. Bananas, for example, may not be stacked and may not be stored in the cold storage room. Ready-to-cook products must be stocked on the store shelves as quickly after arrival as possible, so that the time outside the refrigerator is kept to a minimum. For proper iplementation of the quality rules, it is important that Fresh Produce staff receive proper instructions and are continuously coached.