Large scale and contract catering

All companies that prepare food must comply with a food safety system based on HACCP. Many SMEs in the hospitality industry comply with this according to the hygiene code for the catering industry. This is coordinated with the NVWA and by adhering to the code you comply with the legislation. The hygiene code for the hotel and catering industry includes food safety, the design of business premises, personal hygiene and training and education of catering staff.

Importance of food safety

Food and beverages are often provided to large groups of people in the catering industry. Monitoring food safety is therefore of great importance. Microbiological contaminations can result in far-reaching (image) damage. It is very important to us that your quality system is completely in order, so that you minimise the dangers of certain pathogens (e.g. Listeria and Salmonella) as much as possible.

Implementation, inspection and analysis

Alongside the correct implementation of the hygiene code, we also provide periodic inspections and microbiological analyses of products at wholesale companies and contract caterers. For this we have a special automated inspection system, the result of which is made clear after each inspection and delivered digitally. The result is a clear overview per department, including points for improvement. Microbiological research takes place in a laboratory that we work closely with. The microbiological results of sampled products are quickly known, and the customer is also provided with clear analysis and advice.

In addition to implementing the hygiene code, we support large (contract and inflight) caterers who use their own HACCP-based quality management system. By helping companies meet the many applicable requirements, they can produce according to the requirements of the NVWA.

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