Convenience products make up an important sector in the food industry. Due to the increasing lack of time consumers have, the supply of ready-made meals continues to increase. Because a large part of these pre-prepared meals is only partially heated by the consumer, a food-safe production process is essential. That is why we work closely together with an ISO-17025 approved laboratory where microbiological research and challenge tests are carried out. We also have a test department where all your products can be tested by the consumer.

At home in the market

We provide quality and food safety for an important number of nationally and internationally oriented producers of convenience products, including suppliers of fast food chains, catering establishments, healthcare institutions, aviation and event catering, sports clubs and end consumers. Manufacturers of convenience products often use a HACCP-based food safety system such as BRC, IFS or FSSC 22000. It is of the utmost importance for us that your process management runs smoothly, so that you minimise the dangers of pathogens.

Meeting the requirements

Regulation (EU) No 2073/2005 states that food producers must comply with microbiological food safety criteria with regard to the presence of pathogenic micro-organisms. For example, attention should be paid to the presence of ‘cold bacteria’ Listeria monocytogenes, which can make the consumer ill if the product is not heated up enough in the microwave. Producers must set up a monitoring programme to meet the criteria for microbiological process hygiene. Specific studies must also be carried out on the development of pathogenic micro-organisms, in particular Listeria monocytogenes.

We are happy to help you with the implementation of all mentioned requirements, so that nothing happens in your company that is contrary to the policy of the NVWA. In addition, we provide tailor-made advice regarding labeling. We ensure that your labels are factually consistent with the analyses, so that every specification on your label (for example the meat component that is stated) is correct and cannot be criticised by the NVWA.

A quality survey, supermarket research or private label research can help you determine how your product is positioned in the market. It is important that private labels are consistently at the same level and have the same quality. Thanks to Normec Foodcare’s research, you can keep an eye on that quality and thus safeguard it for your customers.

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