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Normec NormBase

The Normec NormBase is a database that contains all the results of our research. These include home-placement research, surveys on location and street interviews. This database shows the average scores of every single study. This is unique in the industry.

It’s a wealth of information, and sets a standard for more than three thousand specific product categories. Each category has its own standard. It helps us to give you the best possible advice about the viability of your product, or your product launch.

The most important benefits

  • Standards for over 3,000 categories.
  • Faster interpretation of research results.
  • Less need to find industry experts.
  • Each standard is always determined by multiple products.

There’s a cost-effective adventive to using the Normec NormBase too: you don’t need to do any additional research using industry experts. The Normec NormBase is free to use for all Normec Sensory customers. It is also included in our reports.

Would you like more information, or find out how we can be of service you? Please contact us, we’re happy to help.

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