Mini Symposium Tomato

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The tomato world is changing rapidly. ToRBFV is enforcing strict hygiene rules, and many new resistant or highly tolerant varieties are emerging. Growers must make decisions with less information, and seed companies are trying to introduce new varieties as quickly as possible. What are the consequences of this for production, quality, and the market? That’s why our specialists are organizing a mini Tomato Symposium.


  •  ToRBFV
  • Consequences for the grower
  • Consequences for the market
  • Resistance in new varieties
  • Future


  • Peter van der Veeken (Normec Maas Goodacre)
  • Ines van Marrewijk (Normec Groen Agro Control)
  • Lotfi Bani (Syngenta Nederland)
  • Karin Gorree (Normec Innovative Fresh)

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