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Do you always want instant online insight into how your organisation’s processes are progressing? That can be done! With our Registration module including the registration app, you can automate all your quality registrations.

  • Improved process assurance
  • More efficient work methods
  • Get rid of all paper from the factory!

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Why should you use digital registrations?

  • Maintain an overview

    Registrations that require filling in, reviewing and finalising can all be viewed in a single overview within your own online environment. Each member of the production staff sees a personal overview of the registrations that need to be filled in, which can be filled in directly via the app.

  • Improved assurance

    The employee who fills in the registration will immediately see a notification if there any of their answers are different. This ensures that any deviations will never again be overlooked and that the quality manager will be able to see them immediately.

  • Comply with BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000 requirements

    Registration of CCPs and other control measures are very important in order to be able to safely produce food. With the registration app and online module you can easily comply with laws and regulations and any requirements set by retailers or the BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000 standards.

An efficient work method

You can work more efficiently within your organisation by using digital registrations. This level of efficiency is due not only to the control method as outlined above, but also to the fact that part, or even all, of the paper registration system is being replaced. Just imagine that printing large quantities of paper and the time needed to file completed registrations are now a thing of the past. Our Registrations module makes this all possible.

For all your registrations

Using the Registrations module, you can digitalise various sorts of registrations, ranging from CCPs, reception checks and other operational parameters, to the registration of visitors. Registrations can be either qualitative, quantitative or open in nature. Simply everything in one online environment.


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