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A familiar situation: your employees have to learn a lot, but there is no way to do this in a classroom setting. Using our E-learning module, you can train your employees online at any time and at any location.

  • Train all (temporary and permanent) employees in the appropriate language
  • Meet training requirements of GFSI approved standards, such as BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000.
  • Always up-to-date information without shutting down production

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Why should you use E-learning software?

  • A single comprehensive training plan

    You will be able to handle the administration of all internal and external training courses and the design of E-learning courses within one environment. This means that your training plan is always complete and in place.

  • Real-time insight into the deployability of staff

    You can see at a glance which employees can be assigned to which departments and to which positions. This enables you to adapt quickly in the event of absenteeism due to sick leave or reduced staffing levels.

  • Temporary staff trained in advance

    You outsource the entire training of temporary staff via E-learning to the temporary employment agency. Temporary staff are brought into production work already trained up, without you having to concern yourself with that.

For all training courses

You can easily design an unlimited number of training courses on any subject via the online editor. We also have numerous approved Cedeo interactive E-learning courses available for you or we can tailor an E-learning course especially to your needs. These can even be supplemented with videos or virtual tours of your factory. Whatever form of training you require, our specialists are on hand to help you.

Handbook training courses

Make your training plan even more comprehensive with the unique handbook training courses. You can easily transform all documents from your online handbook into an E-learning training course. This is how you make sure that employees are kept properly informed of all procedures and instructions. You can always maintain oversight with the document matrix.


Zwanenberg streamlines employee training

For food companies, it can be complicated to keep track of whether all employees have followed the right training courses for the various activities they carry out. Pieter Pickhardt, QESH manager at Zwanenberg, location Van der Laan Almelo, has provided structure by using the Normec Foodcare Online QA Software training module. “I can now access all the data in one overview. We now see at a glance which employees have been trained.”


55% time saving thanks to E-learning for Group of Butchers

Group of Butchers is an innovative company producing meat products with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. For several years in a row, the company has been awarded the Industributie Trophy for the highest appreciation from the retail market for their products. Logically, the employees must have up-to-date training to maintain the high standards


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