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Digitalisation of the handbook

Quality management and the management of a manual are inextricably linked. But how do you ensure that all of this runs smoothly? We are happy to help you with that. Manage all documents digitally with the Manual module. Employees always work with the most recent document versions.

  • Improve quality assurance
  • Lower the error sensitivity of the handbook management
  • Save time through a more efficient way of working

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Why digitize your manual?

  • Better quality assurance

    With a digital manual, every employee has their own up-to-date online document overview. You inform employees via e-mail notifications of changes to instructions and procedures and thus improve quality assurance.

  • Reduce error sensitivity

    Various automations, such as for the table of contents, version management, register of changes and header and footer, significantly reduce the error sensitivity in the manual management.

  • Carefree through the audit

    An online manual offers transparency, overview and structure. This is highly appreciated by auditors, so you can go through the audit without any worries.

Working efficiently

Whether you have one or more manuals, with the online Manual module every employee only sees the documents that apply. It is possible to create and manage multiple manuals and to merge multiple manuals into one manual. This way you only have to adjust a document once.

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Manual training courses

Do you want to train employees immediately about new or changed documents? With the unique option for manual training, you can easily convert all documents from your online manual into E-learning training. This means that employees are always aware of all procedures and instructions. You keep the overview with the document matrix.

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Time savings of 60 to 80% for Special Refining Company B.V.

Special Refining Company B.V. has been working with the Manual module for almost four years now. At the end of 2017, the company also started conducting digital inspections and audits via the Inspections module. QA manager Anna Pisniak has been involved in the implementation and use from the beginning. In an interview she tells about her experiences with our application.


Zwanenberg streamlines training for employees

It is a lot of work for food companies to keep track of whether all employees have followed the correct training courses for the various activities they perform. Pieter Pickhardt, QESH manager at Zwanenberg, location Van der Laan Almelo, has structured this with the training module of Normec Foodcare Online. “I now have all the data together in one overview. We can now see at a glance which employees have been trained. ”

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Better and more efficient assurance of the quality system

“A better and more efficient assurance of the quality system”, that was the mission of the quality department of Wijnen Square Crops in 2015. Annsophie Johansson, as Quality Coordinator, was looking for a digital solution to achieve this and thus came up with our online solutions. During an interview, Annsophie talks enthusiastically about the change that digitization of quality matters has brought about for her organization.


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