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Digital specifications

Do you want to easily create and manage product specifications online in all languages? This is all possible with our Specifications module! This automatically converts raw materials and recipe details into product specifications.

  • A 50% reduction in processing steps due to automations, such as nutritional values, allergen overviews and ingredient declarations
  • Product specifications in any language and layout
  • Integration with other software, such as PS in Foodservice

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Why should you use digital specifications?

  • Work more efficiently

    Thanks to a variety of automations, you can significantly reduce the number of procedures involved in drawing up and updating specifications. This means that making calculations and drawing up overviews is a thing of the past.

  • Reduce error-sensitivity

    With digital specifications, related product specifications are updated in all languages in just a few clicks after any changes to the raw materials or recipe. This significantly reduces the error-sensitivity compared to manual modifications to specifications.

  • Make adjustments directly during product development

    As a product developer, you often need to figure out quite a lot in order to ensure that products comply with laws and regulations and retail standards. Using the recipe feature and internal specification option, you can instantly adjust the recipe during product development so that you comply with the requirements.

Improved quality assurance

Thanks to digital specifications, you have a better grip on specification management, so that you care able to improve quality assurance. In the event of changes to suppliers, raw materials or recipes, you must always check the specifications and adjust them where needed. In addition, you will need to periodically reassess the specifications. You can do this in no time in the Specifications module thanks to the automatic calculations and version management.

Allergens and nutritional values

Allergens and nutritional values are a very important aspect of specifications. When manually maintaining these records, an error is easily made. Especially in the case of allergens, this can have major consequences, such as a recall action. Which is why we have automated these processes in the Specifications module. Nutritional values are calculated automatically and in the automated allergen matrix, you will have an overview of all present and absent allergens at any time. This means that you always have the latest information at your disposal, which you can present directly to your customers. This speeds up the time-consuming process of compiling, updating and sharing specifications and makes it much more efficient.


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