Everything under control throughout the entire chain


The right soil conditions and good water quality are essential for agriculture and livestock breeding. This also affects the welfare and health of animals at the beginning of the chain.

Raw material

Grondstoffen vormen de ingrediënten van het eindproduct in de voedingsmiddelenindustrie. Voedselveiligheid en kwaliteit zijn de basisfactoren voor veilige consumptie.

Processing & Production

In the food industry, besides a good product, the production area and surrounding environment also have an influence. Everything must meet the statutory and regulatory standards as well as the requirements of your buyer.

Distribution & Export

Strict requirements apply to storage and transport. For the sake of quality and food safety it is crucial that these requirements and conditions are met.

Retail & Restaurants

Stocks, presentation and sales call for extra attention. Food preparation also has a major influence on the quality of experience that your customer or guest has.


By paying attention to quality and food safety throughout the chain, consumers are able to enjoy good and safe food without any concerns.