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An up-to-date quality system is essential in order to produce good and safe food and to satisfy customer expectations. But how do you know whether the quality system of your company is up to date? The answer to this question may seem simple as it is a matter of carrying out validations and verifications. Commonly used terms that in practice, unfortunately, regularly raise questions. High time to provide clarity.

Gain insight and become wiser

When should a process be validated or verified, how often should this be done and how should you carry it out? These are just some examples of questions that we regularly receive. Our experts at the Normec Foodcare Knowledge Centre explain
it all in this whitepaper. See:

  • The differences between validation and verification
  • What the importance of both processes is
  • And a step-by-step plan for carrying out validations and verifications
  • How you set up a risk-based planning
  • How validation and verification contribute to the continuous improvement within the organisation

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