Time saving of 60 to 80% for Special Refining Company B.V.

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Special Refining Company B.V. has been working for almost four years now with the Handbook module of Normec Foodcare Online. At the end of 2017, the company also started carrying out digital inspections and audits via the Inspections module. QA manager Anna Pisniak has been involved in the implementation and use of Normec Foodcare Online from the very beginning. In an interview she talks about her experiences with our application.

Why was there a need for digitisation within your organisation?

“We want to keep up with the times. It was not necessary to digitise, but this offers many benefits for us, so why not? Browsing through folders during visits or audits was just annoying and sometimes took a very long time”, says Anna. She indicates that adjusting procedures before the digitisation went reasonably well. “But these adjustments were not always implemented in the table of contents and as a result there was often an old version of the table of contents. This is no longer the case.”

What benefits does working with Normec Foodcare Online software offer your organisation?

Working with Normec Foodcare Online has offered Special Refining Company B.V. the benefits of time saving and pleasure in working with documentation management. Anna says: “I used to hate the administrative side of my work and now I even like this.” Working with Normec Foodcare Online also provides the company with various benefits during audits and customer visits. “We can find documents quickly, changes are clearly displayed and there is always a clear version management. The chance of mistakes in version and date management is zero,” adds Anna. Anna and her colleagues also experience various benefits in their daily work. Anna explains: “Editing versions is easy and quick and we do not have to keep track of the change overview and the table of contents, because all of this is done automatically. By using the Inspections module, I no longer have to spend time on making reports for hygiene inspections.”

Which time savings has working with Normec Foodcare Online resulted in for your company?

With the digitisation of documents via the online manual, Special Refining Company B.V. has achieved a time saving of approximately 80%. When performing digital inspections, the time savings are estimated at 60%. Anna: “In addition to being able to find documents very quickly during audits, changes and modifications in versions of documents are automatically recorded, so that the chance of mistakes is zero. We have also noticed that we have completed the external audits about one to one and a half hours earlier by digitising our handbook.”

How do you experience support in case of questions or problems?

Special Refining Company B.V. uses various support options, such as the online manual, mail and online chat. “The support team is really effective. They respond quickly and provide concrete answers to your questions. For example, I had reported a problem on 10 October 2017. The problem was resolved on the same day with a clear explanation of why the problem occurred at all,” says Anna.

What do you think of the customer focus at Normec Foodcare Online?

Anna talks about the customer focus of Normec Foodcare Online: “I experience this as positive, because they listen to customers’ wishes. In the beginning we encountered many obstacles internally when using the online manual. All questions and points for improvement reported by us have been solved by Normec Foodcare Online and all our wishes have been implemented in the application. The communication about this was honest and clear and we really appreciate this.”

Author: Wouter Commercial Manager

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