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50% time saving for Aviko B.V.

18-05-2020 | Average reading time:4 min
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Aviko B.V. has multiple production locations within Europe that are all certified according to the same food safety standards and auditing standards of customers. There was a need for a digital system to which all locations could be connected and which would promote standardisation and a uniform method for carrying out internal hygiene inspections and system audits. After a successful pilot with the QA software at one production location, Normec CareNet Online is now implemented at all locations in the Netherlands. Normec CareNet Online will also be implemented at the foreign locations later this year.

What are the benefits of Normec CareNet Online Inspections for Aviko?

Aviko has achieved a time saving of 50% on inspections and audits through the use of Normec CareNet. Barry Geerligs, Corporate QA-QC Manager at Aviko, says: “Running the audit with an iPad with integrated camera and an inspection list on the screen facilitates an efficient execution of inspections and audits. The synchronisation between the iPad and the online inspection module automatically generates a report with, in addition to a complete reporting of individual inspection points, provides a summary of the audit with a list of the deviations and photographs. Previously, this reporting was a rather time-consuming task and a separate system was used to follow up the action points from internal audits. In addition, situations in which deviations are captured with pen, paper and a separate camera in the hand are a thing of the past.”

Deviations and actions that arise from the inspections and audits are shown in the central overviews in Normec CareNet software. “The actions and the status of the actions are therefore transparent for stakeholders of all locations, which also improves the quality of the handling. In addition, statistics are used as input for the annual verification and continuous improvement within the company”, says Geerligs.

How is the Normec CareNet application integrated within Aviko?

Aviko has been using the Normec CareNet inspection module for some time. The application can be configured flexibly, so that it can be applied by any customer and thus by Aviko with specific settings such as locations, departments, rights, users and templates. Because each company also has its own requirements regarding functionalities, Normec CareNet has an annual budget which is available for further development of the existing modules. With this, customer-specific wishes can be realised on the basis of prioritisation. Barry explains:

“Together with Normec CareNet, we looked at the application of the module within Aviko, after which points for improvement and wishes were inventoried. From this, an action list has been compiled for the implementation of various modifications. The continuous collaboration with jointly-coordinated improvement initiatives has led to a logical structure and format of Normec CareNet for Aviko. This collaboration and the willingness of Normec CareNet to implement changes in the application if the client requires it, is very valuable for Aviko. It gives confidence in the future with a system that continues to develop.”

Inspections with an iPad are carried out by quality employees at all locations in the Netherlands. “Our quality employees experience conducting the audit with an iPad as pleasant, efficient and a logical future-oriented improvement. The automatically generated reporting and method of handling actions provides standardisation and acceptance within Aviko. The module is geared to the need to digitise inspections and audits in accordance with the plan-do-check-act system. It offers us a clear structure that is easy to use, “says Barry. “CareNet makes it easier to combine audits so that they can be planned and executed simultaneously. In fact, the system can be used for all inspections insofar as these can be carried out with a standardised inspection list”, concludes Barry.

Author: Wouter Commercial Manager

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