Het Smaakhuis

The Smaakhuis is a testing facility for Normec Sensory’s taste research, as well as other tests. We have a test facility in Amstelveen, Alkmaar, Den Bosch and Antwerp. Special, local panels are selected for each Smaakhuis, with people who enjoy testing products on a regular basis. Thanks to a unique and efficient workflow, we can offer this type of research at a very competitive rate. Our test centre is particularly focused on short single-product resting as well as comparative taste tests.

There are taste tests every single day at the Smaakhuis. Participants come to take part in one or more tests. Generally, the tests are completed in one day and we can provide you with a report of the results a few days later.

The Smaakhuis is set up to accommodate short taste-testing sessions, but naturally we can also do more extensive research. A short taste test is used to test one to three products, it includes a short questionnaire and it involves a standard target group. For these tests, panel members always visit the test centre to take part in several tests. When it comes to more extensive research with several forms of testing we will consult with you to meet your requirements. You will receive a tailor-made study with a specific questionnaire, a specific target group, x number of test subjects and specific research design.

Using our test centre has the following advantages:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick turnaround and results
  • Simple testing schemes

Taste research conducted at the Smaakhuis is particularly suitable for:

  • Getting consumers’ first impression of a product
  • A quick and efficient comparison of different recipes within one brand
  • A quick and efficient comparison of your products with those of competitors. Tests can be done on either single products or comparatively in the Smaakhuis. This is the type of research widely used by manufacturers, retailers and tender participants.

Would you like to know more about your options? Please contact us.

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