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Legislation Issues

There are many different laws and regulations concerning labelling. As a producer, you want to meet all requirements and rules. But this can sometimes be difficult. The specialist knowledge to interpret and implement legislation properly is not always present within a company. The labelling specialists of Normec Foodcare can support you with this.

  • We are committed to a first-class and personal approach.
  • Our labelling specialists help you comply with the legislation.

Complex issues

The EU has drafted various laws that are regularly subject to change. Specialist knowledge about this is not always present within a company and it is often difficult to find the right information in the jumble of legal texts. We can answer these types of issues for you. Within our organisation, we have specialists who are aware of the latest legislation and can correctly interpret this for your product and/or your website.

We can also test existing texts and websites against the law and issue advice for possible adjustments.

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More information

Curious if your texts meet the latest legislation and regulations? Please contact us via the form.

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