Legislation Issues

Legislation Issues

As a producer. you probably regularly ask yourself whether your products comply with the law. Is the name of your product correct? Can you use a certain ingredient in the product, or not? Can you use certain claims for your products? What can and cannot be stated on your website? We are happy to help you with these types of legislative issues.

Legislative issues – a summary

  • The EU has established various laws for food producers,
  • These laws change regularly
  • Our specialists can help you comply with the latest legislation
  • We can also test the claims of your texts and websites against the law

The EU has established various laws for food producers, which are regularly subject to change. Specialist knowledge about this is not always available within your company. In addition, it is often difficult to find the correct information in the maze of legal texts. We can answer these kinds of questions for you.

Up to date with the latest legislation

In our organisation, we have various specialists work who are aware of the latest legislation. They can interpret this correctly for your product and/or website, for example. We can also check existing texts and websites against the law and issue advice for any adjustments. This way you can be sure that you exactly comply with the latest legislation. That makes your production a lot more relaxed.

Reliable assistance with legislative issues

Curious about which legislative issues we can solve for you? Our specialists are happy to help you. On location or remotely, we are there for you.

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