Fresh Produce Training-on-the-job

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Fresh Produce Training-on-the-job

Want to train a Fruit and Vegetable Quality Controller effectively and fully adapted to your business process? Our training-on-the-job makes it happen! The training where theory and practice come together. The result? Practically trained Quality Controllers with a high level of knowledge within your work process.

Advantages and benefits of training-on-the-job

  • Personal, efficient and fully focused on your needs and wishes
  • Training in your own working environment
  • Flexible in design and training schedule
  • No full training days
  • Shortened training duration
  • Multilingual (Dutch, English, French and German)

The course

Training-on-the-job consists of one on one training, but courses in small groups are also possible. Our trainers train your employees in their own working environment. The program is fully tailored to the product within your own business process and based on regulations, customer and product specifications.

Each training starts with refreshing or imparting the basic knowledge. Having determined the level of knowledge. Having determined the level of knowledge, the practical knowledge is further increased and enhanced with your selected products.

A record of the sessions and test moments is kept by the trainer. For a successfully completed product session the Quality Controller receives a certificate of participation.

The training sessions

During a five hours session, the three main components are discussed; theory, practice and a test moment. An average of one session per product is sufficient. The list of products and related practice-oriented sessions will be sent on request.

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The trainers

Our team consists of trainers and instructors with decades of theoretical and practical experience. The trainers are also teachers for the Quality Controller modules, also known as the A and P modules. A trainer will be selected, who suits your company and product groups perfectly.

Fruit and Vegetable Inspector Training Programme

Don’t want to use our training-on-the-job, but still want to train your employees to check and assess potatoes, fruit and vegetable products? You can do that though our Fruit and Vegetable Inspector Training Programme. Ideal, for example, for staff of fresh produce trade and processing companies, retail organisations and growers’ associations, central distribution centres and wholesalers.

Our basic course Welcome to the World of Fresh Produce has been specially developed for commercial and/or warehouse staff of fresh produce wholesalers and processing companies. The courses are modular in structure and can be put together as needed, depending on the staff’s range of duties.

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