Cargo Surveys and Claims Inspections


Cargo Surveys and Claims Inspections

Fruit and vegetables on the supermarket shelves have often travelled a long way. Poor conditions during transport can often result in a product that is not as fresh as it should be or is even unsellable. With our specialist knowledge of fruit and vegetables, we can help your company prevent and minimise damage to fruit and vegetables.

Cargo Surveys and Claims Inspections with Normec Foodcare

  • Report is ready within 2 to 12 hours
  • Central management of reports and documentation
  • Use of highly skilled fruit and vegetable specialists

Global investigation of incidents

Unfortunately, incidents such as temperature problems or incorrect transport conditions occur on a regular basis. To limit damage, it is important to act quickly and appropriately in these situations. Our surveyors carry out these inspections and summarise their findings in a report, which is presented with detailed information and photographic material. The report meets all international standards. Our international network is extensive and our specialists will travel abroad on request.

Do you have to deal with a damaged shipment that has been transported by sea, by air or by road?

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Support in the settlement and prevention of claims

Is there any damage or loss of quality due to poor transport conditions or incorrect container settings? With our specialist knowledge of fruit and vegetables, we will assist your company with the further handling of a claim.

After receiving a notification of a claim, we work with the parties involved to investigate the damage. We collect all the documents relating to the shipment and take every measure to limit the damage. The nature and extent of the damage are assessed and the cause and consequences are investigated. If necessary, we will send a sample to our laboratory for further analysis.

Reliable assistance with Cargo Surveys and Claim Inspections

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