Supplier audit

Supplier audit

As a purchasing party, you are expected to check the agreements with your supplier and make them demonstrable. However, these agreements are becoming increasingly difficult to secure remotely. We are therefore happy to check whether your chain assurance is in order. This way you can be sure that the food safety, quality and/or contract agreements with your supplier are guaranteed.

Supplier audit – a summary

  • Find out whether your chain assurance is in order
  • Guarantee all agreements with your supplier
  • We audit your supplier

Nowadays agreements are difficult to secure remotely. Think of the origin of raw materials, raw material hazards, the correct preparation method of the raw material(s) you have purchased, testing traceability and preventing food fraud. One of the solutions for this is auditing your supplier. We are happy to help you with that.

We take care of the chain assurance

Our specialists use a supplier audit to assess whether your supplier works and delivers according to the correct guidelines. That saves you a lot of time and work. This way you can focus on the core business.

We perform fully customised audits. Together with you, we determine a suitable plan, so that your chain assurance is in order. In consultation with you, we look at what exactly is being audited, where the focus should be and how many hours it will take. Our auditors are aware of all the latest standards and requirements and can advise you well.

We help you audit your suppliers

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Limiting risks

Our auditor specifically assesses the processes and products directly related to the product delivered to your company. This allows, for example, complaints to be addressed and prevented at the source. Risks are thus kept to a minimum.

Why engage our auditors?

  • In-house team of accredited auditors and approved inspectors
  • Fast delivery of results and expert advice from your own contact person

Reliable help in carrying out a supplier audit

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