Mbo4 Course Quality Employee

Mbo4 Course Quality Employee

The MBO Quality Employee training (level 4) is for quality employees who want to learn more about quality systems, quality controls and performing audits. A quality employee in the food industry is a link between quality service and production. He/she contributes to the improvement of quality within the organisation.

  • We are committed to a flexible, practical and personal approach.
  • Our trainers have all the knowledge to train your employees properly.

Normec Foodcare and SVO vocational training food have joined forces and together organise the MBO training Quality employee. This BBL level 4 course trains you to become a quality employee of a food company. The program is the only recognised MBO training in the Netherlands in the field of quality assurance.

This specialist training prepares employees for working in the food industry. They receive lessons from professionals from the quality section. They teach the students everything about quality assurance within a company. In addition, the student continuously contributes to improving the quality of the company where he/she works.

The quality employee training

The MBO quality employee training course is meant for employees who already work within a quality service and who want to develop further. The training fits in seamlessly with daily practice.


For three years, students will go to school one day a week and work for four days at a training company. In this way, the theory is combined with practice. Students with the right work experience or previous education can often go through the training more quickly.

We help you by training your employees to become quality employees

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