Research & Advice

Research & Advice

Stopping still means falling behind. This is why trading houses, farmers and horticulturists invest in innovations in the areas of sustainability, hygiene, increased production and new products. But how can you make your products more sustainable, better and healthier? We provide you with a one-stop research centre where all areas of knowledge are gathered together in a single place. We accompany you on your innovation journey with research and tailor-made advice. Furthermore, we can help you make subsidy requests.

Research & Advice in short

  • Biotechnology, fermentation, algae and DNA sequence analysis
  • Microbial crop protection, food contaminants and industrial hygiene
  • Cultivation, sensors, fertilisation and components
  • Plant diseases, pests and natural enemies

Do you want to get started with sustainable crop protection like green products or organic control agents? Or are you looking at the potential of production and cultivation optimisation, water reuse or organic residual flows? We are happy to collaborate with you on this. As well as in the prevention of infections in cultivation or trade and the testing or development of new products for legal approval.

Our research team supports your innovation journey and has state-of-the-art knowledge in various areas of knowledge. From pests and plant diseases to biotechnology and algae, fertiliser and cultivation systems.