Biocide efficacy testing

plant onderzoeken in laboratorium

Biocide efficacy testing

Food crops must be protected in order to be able to produce enough food worldwide. In addition, products are needed for the disinfection, storage and preservation of foodstuffs. We can help you with laboratory tests that ascertain whether the products are sufficiently effective in destroying harmful organisms.

Efficacy testing for biocides in brief

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Assessment and usage

Biocides are substances that contain one or more active ingredients that can destroy, repel or render harmless any harmful or unwelcome organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. These biocides may only be sold on the Dutch market if they are safe and effective when used according to the instructions for use. Before a product is allowed on the Dutch market, a manufacturer must submit an application to the Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (CTGB). The CTGB assesses whether the product is safe for both human beings and the environment, and also looks at the efficacy; e.g. does the product deliver what it promises? Rules for the use of biocides have also been drawn up on a European level. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has issued a Biocides Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) that the CTGB uses as a basis for evaluating authorisation documentation.

We help you meet the requirements of the European chemicals agency (ECHA)

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Testing, advice and analysis

An important part for authorisation documentation is to carry out laboratory tests that prove whether the products are sufficiently effective in destroying harmful organisms. We have a great deal of experience with these laboratory tests and often carry them out ourselves in our laboratory in Wijhe. We help you think things through and can advise you which tests should be carried out for the required approval and at which concentration levels and application intervals they can best be carried out. We are at home in all markets, whether it concerns hand disinfection (PT1), surface disinfection (PT2 and PT4), disinfection in the veterinary sector (PT3) or drinking water disinfection (PT5). We are also happy to help with other parts of the documentation required, such as the analysis of the concentrations of active substances and determining the physicochemical properties.

Reliable assistance with laboratory tests for biocide efficacy testing

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Reliable help with efficacy testing of biocides

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