Predictive modelling

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Predictive Modelling

Predictive modelling is predicting the behaviour of pathogenic bacteria in food products. This is important for quality managers and such research often reveals surprising results. Normec Foodcare has the knowledge to carry this out for you.

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Predictive modelling ensures guarantees in food safety

Predictive microbiology offers important tools for quality managers. This way they can estimate the effects of the treatment of food on growth, survival and inactivation of pathogenic bacteria. Based on predictive modelling, you can determine how long a product needs to be treated to ensure food safety. With the results of such research, you can improve the production process, resulting in a higher return on investment. An example of this modelling is deactivation in a heating process. In addition, deactivation is also possible, for example, to calculate the shelf life.

We help you predict the behavior of bacteria in your product

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