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Inspector app

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Inspector app

Do you want to prevent claims and recalls, while at the same time combating food waste? Register, analyze and distribute quality information of fresh products throughout the entire supply chain with QC One. Part of this is the Inspector app, with which you can even work offline. With this we help you further in your pursuit of optimal food safety.

With the user-friendly hybrid offline app, the inspectors are guided step-by-step through an inspection. You can add photos at the same time to create professional reports and share them instantly. Registration is complete in this way, prevents errors and is fast.

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The components of the Inspector app

Hybrid-offline app
Work anywhere and keep working even if you are temporarily without internet. The app remains fully functional. Inspections are collected and completed reports are sent as soon as the app is back online. The app is currently available for iOS iPads.

Wizard style entry & workflow
The data entry is designed in such a way that the entire inspection flow can be completed with the keyboard. In addition, the order of the parameters can be precisely matched to the actions of an inspector during the inspection. To support and not get in the way.

Simply add photos to the specific samples to clearly and professionally record the condition of the goods to be inspected. Photos can be shot in real time directly from a camera or taken with the tablet’s camera. This prevents blurry photos, because they are checked directly on the tablet. They do not have to be added afterwards during an error-prone and time-consuming process.

It is possible to process instructions in the inspection templates, which become visible within the app. Think of customer-specific questions or supporting instructions for on-boarding.

Barcode scanning
In addition to an extensive search function, it is also possible to scan barcodes. For example, EAN validation can be performed and inspections can be searched. Have you integrated everything optimally? Then inspections with the most current stock can be created from an ERP, after scanning a pallet or lot barcode.

Realtime webhooks
If the app mainly remains connected to the internet, it is possible to work with webhooks. These are messages that, after completion of an inspection, can also be returned to the unit.

Suggestive parameters
An enormously enriching functionality are suggestive parameters. These are dataset elements that can be entered in advance. This includes certain measurements from previous inspections, quality statuses and risk profiles.

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