Water surveys

The quality of water is gaining more and more attention in the production processes within the agro sector. Water is important for plants and animals and plays a role in the proper functioning of various equipment. We carry out various types of water surveys on behalf of the agro sector.

Drinking water

Good drinking water is extremely important for the health of livestock. While animal feed is checked for all kinds of components, when it comes to drinking water, this is often overlooked. Since your cow, for example, will ingest 100 to 170 litres of water per day, even a slight contamination can have consequences for the milk production and cause health problems. That is why it is so important to check the drinking water. We take water samples and analyse these water samples for bacteriological contaminants and chemical parameters.

Central Heating water

Large water systems are used in glasshouse horticulture to heat the greenhouses. The quality of the water in these systems is extremely important. If the quality is not good enough, this can lead to major damage to the system. Consider, for example, corrosion of pipes or mineral contamination of pipes. We periodically take water samples, give advice and supply the required supplements to bring the water quality up to the required standard and keep it there.

Water surveys in brief

  • Water surveys of drinking water and central heating water
  • A Subscription service is an option

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Independent sample-taking organisation

The government has determined that solid cattle manure (manure code 13) and solid pig manure (manure code 43) or a mixture which also contains manure code 13 and/or manure code 43 must have samples taken by an independent sample-taking organisation. As a specialist in manure analyses, we are accredited for these samplings which are carried out in accordance with AP06, as specified in Appendix Ea of the Dutch Manure and Fertilisers Act.

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