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Private Label Research

A private label product must have a constant quality. Private label research can help. Research will be carried out to see if your product is popular with consumers and what the possible points for improvement are. You can have the quality of your complete range of private label products researched by Normec Foodcare.

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As part of private label research, research is done into the quality of your own brand. The image of a private label is often no better than the weakest link. Private label research is therefore primarily aimed at finding and eliminating such weak links.

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We ask the respondents to test and evaluate the product. This can be done in our test centre ‘Het Smaakhuis’ and in-home. The test persons are a reflection of your supermarket visitors. You can choose whether you want your product to be tested blind or as marketed. It is possible to have aspects such as taste, image or packaging assessed. Private label research is not limited to food only, but is also suitable for testing non-food products.

With such research you will therefore be able to answer the question of what the consumer thinks of your product. This way you keep an eye on the quality of your products. On the basis of the results you can raise the bar for your current supplier or you can consider choosing a different supplier.

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