Private Label Research

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Private Label Research

Would you like to know whether your product is popular with consumers? And what (possible) points for improvement are? You will find out by conducting private label research. After all, a constant quality of your private label product is very important.

Private label research – a summary

  • We let test persons assess your product
  • The test persons are a good reflection of supermarket visitors
  • The quality of your product is guaranteed by testing
  • Weak links become areas for improvement

You decide whether you want your product to be tested blind or “as marketed”. It is also possible to have taste, image and product packaging assessed. Private label research provides the answer to the question of what consumers think of your product. Based on the results, you can raise the bar for your current supplier. Or you can consider choosing another partner.

We help you find out whether your new product is popular

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This is how it works

We test the quality of your private label during a private label research. The goal is to find weak links and convert them into areas for improvement. This is done as follows:

  • Respondents test and evaluate the product. This can be done in one of our Taste locations or through an in-home survey.
  • Our test persons are a good reflection of your supermarket visitors.
  • Respondents come from all over the Netherlands and have different backgrounds and characteristics.
  • After the test, we deliver the results to you in a well-organised manner.

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