Livestock Feed analysis

We offer a wide range of analyses in the field of animal feed through the combination of chemical and microbiological analyses.

Simple feed

Simple feed such as maize, wheat, soy but also wet (by)products are often tested for the potential presence of toxins (DON, ZEA). In addition, these products can be analysed for content material, nutritional value and microbiology.

Compound feed

Compound feed, such as mixed feed or mixtures made by you as an agricultural entrepreneur yourself, can be tested in the same way as single feed.

Fermentation of feed

A new development in animal feed is the fermentation of such feed so that nutrients are released more effectively to the animals and there is a health-enhancing effect. We provide the required analyses in order to properly monitor or adjust the fermentation process. These are mainly analyses on lactic acid, acetic acid, alcohols and bacteriological studies.

Livestock Feed Analysis in brief

  • Wide range of analyses
  • Single or compound feed

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Delivery of samples

We offer the option of collecting samples according to a set logistics schedule. Although, of course, it is also possible to deliver the samples yourself.

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