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Labelling Specialist

The labelling specialists of Normec Foodcare can support your company to comply with applicable legislation. Through part-time secondment we offer you an interim professional from a higher or academic level. Our professional is familiar with your sector and is always up to date with the laws and regulations surrounding labelling. The specialist can perform various activities with regard to labelling, legislation and specification management.

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Part-time secondment means that you purchase the labour, knowledge and skills of a specialist for a certain number of hours per period. This increases the capacity and saves you a having to employ full-time employees. Our labelling specialists are familiar with many different industries. This means that they can help you with good and up-to-date knowledge. They are aware of all changes, trends and news in the field of labelling. The right label and/or the correct specifications are important and therefore a temporary labelling specialist can play an important role for your company.

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